Used Car Dealer: How to Properly Research Your Vehicle

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Buying a vehicle from a used car dealer makes sense financially, but it can be a stressful process. It’s hard to discern if you’re getting the best value — or if the vehicle will even be able to stay on the road. When buying from a used car dealer, you must do the necessary research on each used vehicle you consider buying. There are several ways to go about this complicated process. Today, Crossroads Ford shows you how to research a used vehicle properly. 

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is one of the most valuable tools for anyone buying a car, regardless of whether it is new or used. Since 1918, Kelley Blue Book has provided potential car buyers with new and used car pricing information, including the true values of vehicles. Kelley Blue Book looks at a variety of sources to determine the value of a vehicle, including manufacturer prices, wholesale auctions, and independent dealers. Knowing the true value of a used vehicle helps you get the best prices from a used car dealer. It also keeps you from buying a vehicle that isn’t as valuable as you might think. 


For used vehicles, few resources are more valuable than CARFAX. With a CARFAX report, you learn about a used vehicle’s history, including accident and repair history. This information helps you get an idea of the condition of the car, as well as the condition of the title and ownership. Knowing a vehicle’s history is crucial when buying from a used car dealer because you might not be able to tell from a test drive or by looking at the car whether or not the vehicle has had a long history of repairs or problems. Another important aspect of buying a used vehicle is the inspection. Even if you know the car’s history, it’s crucial to get it inspected and make sure that everything is on the up and up. CARFAX helps keep you from buying a lemon. 

Test Drive

A test drive is a valuable tool when purchasing a car from a used car dealer. Getting behind the wheel gives you a feel for how the car runs. If the vehicle is in bad shape, a test drive in city and highway condition may reveal that even to novice drivers. Beyond the condition of the vehicle, you want to know whether or not the vehicle is right for you. Some cars are more difficult to handle. Some cars have uncomfortable seats. These are all factors to consider when buying a vehicle, and the only way to truly evaluate these things is by driving the car. 

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