Tips for Driving in the Rain from Crossroads Ford

Driving In Rain

It’s springtime in Kentucky. That means the rainy season for Frankfort and the surrounding area. When rain coats the roads, it causes fits for motorists going to and from work. It also creates difficulties on busy highways. Crossroads Ford wants you to be safe when the rain hits. In today’s blog, we discuss some safety tips for driving in the rain.

Slow Down

The first thing to do when it starts raining is slow down. Speed limit signs are there for when the road is dry, and conditions are sunny. Most certainly drive under the speed limit when it rains, whether you see a light drizzle or a heavy downpour. Leave enough braking distance between your car and the car in front of you. Also, don’t slam on your brakes. This gives vehicles behind you enough time to slow down. Crossroads Ford encourages you to practice this defensive driving in dry weather to get used to being safer when the weather turns to rain.

Turn on Wipers and Lights

If you need your windshield wipers on, you should also have your headlights on. Headlights make your car more visible to other drivers in adverse conditions. Crossroads Ford has a world-class service department with techs who can assess your wiper blades and install new headlights if you have one that’s blown out.

Turn off Cruise Control

Cruise control may make your car lose control on slick pavement. If your car starts to hydroplane or lose its grip on the pavement, your car doesn’t slow down when the cruise control is on. Turn off cruise control on the highway so you stay in total control of your vehicle in wet weather. Leaving off cruise control means your car instantly slows down whenever you take your foot off the accelerator.

Watch for Slick Pavement

The most dangerous time for slick roads is just after the rain starts. That’s because water mixes with oil and other car chemicals already on the road. Drops of oil leak from car engines and land on the pavement. However, these oil slicks combine with water to form a slippery layer. Be extra-cautious when it first starts raining, because this is when many accidents happen due to slick roads. Although Crossroads Ford sells many new and used cars with anti-lock brakes, you should still exercise caution when it comes to driving in the rain.

Count on Crossroads Ford

The service department at Crossroads Ford can help put your car in top shape for the spring season. Come by our location on Versailles Road, or make a service appointment, to get started on the road to safer driving today!


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