Tips for Buying Used Pickup Trucks

Used Trucks In A Lot

Buying used trucks is not as simple as buying used cars. There’s a lot more than choosing the make, model, and color that goes into it. With a long list of specific features and size options for tires, cab size, and bed size, depending on what your truck is used for you may find yourself with a long list of options. Crossroads Ford Lincoln is here today to give a few tips for buying used trucks, so you know what to look for.

What’s Available?

Most used trucks found for resale today are full-size models, but you can still find smaller midsize and compact models on the market. Before you shop, consider what you need in terms of size, hauling capabilities, and use.

Give It a Good Inspection

It’s a good idea to give any used vehicle a good inspection before purchase. This includes taking it to a trusted mechanic to ensure it’s mechanically sound and to find out if anything will need to be replaced in the near future. If you can’t take it to a mechanic, make sure to check for any leaking fluids, cracked belts or hoses, and be aware of sounds or smells that don’t belong. Check the tires for tread, and look underneath the truck for any injured metal on the frame. Keep in mind that any damage to the frame is extremely costly and should be a deal breaker!

Consider Towing and Hauling

Depending on how much towing and hauling the truck has done in the past, it may have endured more than the normal wear and tear. The easiest way to find out it’s history is to ask the owner. But understand that you can’t count on getting the whole truth, so this is another good reason to have a mechanical inspection.

Consider Off-Road Use

Many trucks have been used for off-road use in fields, farms, or ranches which can cause a lot of extra wear on the truck’s suspension and other components. This is another good reason to take a good look underneath the truck for excessive scratches or bent parts or take it in for a mechanical inspection.

Test Drive

As with any vehicle you buy, take the used truck for a test drive. You’ll want to look for things like unwanted smells or sounds along with outward visibility, your ability to climb into the cab, and a comfortable seating position. Pay special attention to its ability to park and maneuver, the security of the breaks, and the ease of engine acceleration.

Used Trucks at Crossroads Ford Lincoln

If you’re looking for a used truck from a reliable source, you can count on Crossroads Ford and Lincoln for trustworthy sales and service! Check out our variety of Used Trucks online or call us at (502) 695-1990 with any questions about our inventory.


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