Springtime Car Maintenance Tips From Crossroads Ford Lincoln

Springtime Car Maintenance

Just like your house needs a spring cleaning, so does your car or truck. Spring is when you roll down the windows, smell the wildflowers blooming, sniff the scent of rain in the air, and feel the wind in your hair as you cruise through the countryside. There’s nothing like an afternoon drive surrounded by rolling green pastures to shake off the winter doldrums. Crossroads Ford Lincoln discusses some springtime car maintenance tips to get your vehicle in top shape for warmer weather.

Check Your Coolant Level

Pop open the hood to look at the coolant tank before you start your car and after your car heats up after a long drive. There are two levels to measure coolant, one for cold and one for hot. If any of these levels are off, add some coolant — when your car is cooled down — until the level returns to normal. If this level doesn’t stay the same after a day or two, schedule an appointment for car maintenance with a certified auto mechanic. There may be a more pressing problem.

Measure Your Tire Pressure

Tire pressure decreases in the winter thanks to lower temperatures. As the outside air heats up, your car’s tires increase in pressure. Check your tire pressure with a calibrated gauge. Inflate or deflate your tires based on what you see on the gauge. If your tire pressure changes in a few days, consider having car maintenance done. Tires are vitally important for keeping your car on the road, particularly during wet weather.

Examine Your Wiper Blades

April showers bring May flowers. Warmer spring weather also brings heavy rains that make it hard to see out your windshield. Part of your springtime car maintenance routine should be taking a closer look at the wiper blades. Look for cracks or wear, because winter snow and ice can cause the rubber to wear down. Replace your wiper blades if they’re not at their peak condition.

Wash Off the Winter Grime

Winter grime, road salt, and debris can accumulate on your vehicle in the winter time. Give your car a thorough wash and wax as the warmer weather hits. Allowing salt build-up can cause rust or decay on your car. Clean the inside, too, and remove any trash, papers, and accumulated dirt. Take out the floor mats and give your vehicle a good vacuuming for a thorough springtime car maintenance regimen.

Set a Car Maintenance Appointment

Crossroads Ford Lincoln makes car maintenance a snap. We offer tire balancing and rotation, car oil changes, tire alignment, and transmission service. Come and see us on Versailles Road in Frankfort for a tune-up. Feel free to call us at (502) 695-1990 or contact us online today to schedule a maintenance appointment.  


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