Most Common Automotive Repair Services

Mechanic Working On An Engine

Nobody wants to wind up in the shop for automotive repair. But anyone who owns a car knows that repairs and maintenance are inevitable. When you think about automotive repair, you probably think about major repairs like transmission problems, air conditioning issues, and brake replacements. However, most automotive repairs are actually much less expensive and extensive than you might expect. Today, Crossroads Ford Lincoln discusses some of the most common automotive repairs for our customers in Frankfort, KY.

Catalytic Converter Replacements

Your catalytic converter reduces emissions of three harmful substances found in car exhaust: carbon monoxides, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. Catalytic converters can increase your gas mileage and the performance of your vehicle. These parts are designed to last for the duration of your car’s lifespan, but they may require maintenance, especially as they get older. A broken catalytic converter can cost you a lot of money in the long run, and you should get it replaced sooner rather than later.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Replacements

The ignition coil and spark plugs are separate parts, but mechanics often replace them at the same time. Ignition coil and spark plug replacements are standard automotive repair services in older cars because they work together to ignite the gasoline in your engine. These repairs are not very expensive, making them easy to manage if you catch this repair early. However, if you drive on damaged ignition coils and spark plugs, the problem can further harm your car. 

Oxygen Sensor Replacements

The oxygen sensor is an electronic device that measures the amount of oxygen in your gasoline or other fluids. Oxygen sensors are essential to your vehicle because they make sure that the oxygen that is getting into your fluids is not disproportionate. A faulty oxygen sensor significantly affects your gas mileage and emissions. Getting it replaced right away can save a lot of money in the long run for your vehicle. 

Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacements

Mass air flow sensors determine the amount of air funneled into your engine. The onboard computer in your vehicle determines the best air-to-fuel ratio in the ignition chamber. The ignition chamber is one of the most crucial parts of your car. The ignition chamber pushes the pistons, which powers the transmission and moves your car forward. An ignition chamber can be volatile with the wrong air-to-fuel ratio, making the air flow sensor very important in an automotive repair. These replacements are common in vehicles of all ages, so it’s essential to keep your eye on your air flow sensor regardless of how new your car is. 

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If you are looking for automotive repair services, Crossroads Ford Lincoln can help with whatever repairs or maintenance your vehicle needs. For more information on how we can help, give us a call at (502) 695-1990 or contact us online today. You can also schedule your service online.


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