Automotive Repair: How To Troubleshoot Basic Car Trouble

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The best way to prevent the need for expensive automotive repair is to solve problems before they arise. Preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your car in top shape. It’s also reasonably simple to do. In fact, basic car troubleshooting is often the best way to prevent a minor problem from turning into significant damage. And the best way to troubleshoot essential car trouble is to use your senses. In today’s blog post, Crossroads Ford Lincoln looks at how your senses can help you troubleshoot car problems. 


One of the most effective ways to determine if there is a problem with your car is to feel your vehicle, whether that be directly with your hands or even with your feet as you drive. For example, you might diagnose a steering issue first by feeling resistance when you steer your car. Similarly, when you can’t hear issues with a system like the brakes, your ability to feel something out of the ordinary when you push on your brakes will be crucial to taking note of a potential problem. Take note of any unusual vibrations to get a sense of any trouble.


Another way to troubleshoot potential car trouble and avoid expensive automotive repair is by listening for odd sounds. If you hear a ratting and can pinpoint where that rattling is coming from, you might be able to open up the hood and figure out what part the noise is coming from. When it comes to brake problems, the sound you hear is very important. Worn brake pads will squeak as the metal surfaces rub together. For this reason, it is critical that you play music or radio stations at a volume that doesn’t overpower the sounds coming from your vehicle. Some people never know they have brake problems or engine problems because they simply can’t hear their car over their in-vehicle entertainment. 


While it might seem a bit too easy, sight is essential to diagnosing a problem with your vehicle. For instance, we shouldn’t rely on our low tire pressure lights to tell us when our tires need to be aired up because dash lights can be inconsistent. Any time you drive your car or are in view of your vehicle, glance at the tires and make sure they are properly inflated. This is such an easy step that can prevent hundreds of dollars in automotive repairs. Driving on flat tires or poorly inflated tires can destroy the tires, damage the wheels, and even lead to wrecks.  


If you are consistently smelling something unusual inside your vehicle, there is a good chance that there is an issue with your car. When you have the air conditioner on, smells from outside can trickle into your vehicle. Those typically only last a few seconds. If you smell something unusual and continuously, you should have your vehicle examined. More importantly, if you smell exhaust fumes inside your car, you should stop driving immediately and take your vehicle to an automotive repair service before driving again. Driving with exhaust fumes in the cabin of your vehicle can cause you to pass out and even lead to death if you continue to inhale it. 

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