What Auto Mechanic Do You Need for Your Repair?

Auto Mechanic Working On A Vehicle

If your car is headed to the shop, you need to make sure it’s getting quality automotive service from a properly trained mechanic. Not all auto mechanics are the same, nor do they have the same qualifications. If your vehicle requires a significant repair, it’s important to know who will be working on your car and whether your repair requires a specially trained mechanic. Today, the team at Crossroads Ford Lincoln in Frankfort, KY, will explain a few types of auto technicians and what they do. 

Diagnostic Technicians

Diagnostics are one of the most important services provided by auto shops, because not all problems are easy to see. If your car is running poorly or something is malfunctioning, it may take some work to find the root cause of the problem. For finding a root cause, a diagnostic technician is vital. These auto mechanics use technological tools to diagnose your vehicle’s problem correctly so that it is properly repaired. Incorrectly diagnosing a problem can lead to further damage and more money out of your pocket. Saving time and money is what makes diagnostic technicians vitally important. 

Service Technicians

Closely related to diagnostic technicians, service technicians take care of routine maintenance on most vehicles. These technicians check fluid levels, perform oil changes, and see that all systems are functioning well. These routine checks help to diagnose any bigger problems underneath the surface, which is where diagnostic technicians come in. When you take your vehicle to the shop for maintenance, a service technician will almost certainly be involved in your automotive repairs at some point. 

Brake and Transmission Technicians

When your vehicle needs brake or transmission service, the process is more complicated than other ordinary repairs. Brake and transmission services are some of the most costly automotive repairs. Because these are complex parts, they require special technicians to perform the repairs correctly. Many larger auto shops will have these highly trained techs. Brake service is extremely important because brakes are vital to your vehicle’s safety. Meanwhile, your transmission is one of the most central systems in the functionality of your car — it keeps your car moving! When you encounter brake or transmission problems, you want a well-trained technician taking care of the repairs.

Body Repair Technicians 

Bodywork is a unique automotive repair service because it deals with the exterior of the vehicle instead of what makes the vehicle run. Body repair is often in its own category, as many auto repair shops specialize in bodywork only. If you’ve been in an accident and have a dented panel or crushed fender, you need the right technician to make the proper repair. 

Contact Crossroads Ford Lincoln for Auto Mechanic Help

Crossroads Ford Lincoln’s service department has highly qualified and trained technicians to help with your car repairs. For more information on our service department, give us a call at (502) 695-1990 or contact us online today. Feel free to schedule your service online.


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